Inventory Management Services

We will stock, monitor usage and schedule supply of fasteners and manufacturing parts to fit your production requirements.

  • MacB’s stocking plans are economically optimised to your level of fastener and manufacturing parts requirements, based on your record of cyclic usage.
  • Stocking methodology is tailored to your specific work environment. If our multi-bag, min/max or Kanban system won’t work for you, we will implement a system for you that will.
  • We do all the ordering. Your fastener requirements are stocked at our warehouse and are available when you need them.
  • We’ll review, advise, and set up your bin system if necessary, and bar code all bin stocking locations for you.
  • At your option, we’ll stock the bins for you, or ship items with the appropriate labelling for you to re-stock with.

Kitting Services

MacB can save you the time and money when ordering, receiving, handling and tracking the same multiple parts over and over again. We can provide you with one kit, under your part number.


MacB’s experience in providing kits, designed and labeled specifically for you, will relieve you from the logistical burden of managing several individual components and allow you to focus on your core business.

Join our growing list of satisfied customers who have found that our kitting services have produced significant savings, requiring lower inventory and less labour in picking & packing, purchasing, receiving, and accounting.
Whats included in our kitting services?
Custom labels with the information you want on the label, such as;
  • Bar Codes
  • Your Company Logo
  • Trace No
  • Shelf Locations
  • Parts List
  • Your Part No / Description
Non-standard kit items
We will purchase or manufacture and stock whatever your kit requires.
Multi-level assemblies: no problem, we’ll handle this for you.
Multi-stage parts: custom machining or plating – “No Problem”.
Invoicing by your kit/project number.
Packaging in boxes, heat sealed or re-closable bags.
“We will work with you to ensure that your production facility is always supplied with the correct volume of fasteners and manufacturing parts in the most efficient manner possible.”

To put our 30+ years of experience to use for you – call us today.