Metal Stampings

Metal stamping is a metal forming process in which flat stock sheet metal, formed from metals such as steel, aluminum, zinc, nickel and titanium, etc. are shaped into predetermined parts in a stamping press.

MacB offer the following types of Metal Stampings

  • Electronic metal stampings

(metal stamped electronic components).

  • Fourslide metal stamping

(A specialized metal stamping process that allows fourslides to produce complex stamped parts from strips and wires with multiple bends and twists, as well as parts requiring bends greater than 90°. During fourslide forming, sliding tools, regulated by cams, glide into the metal blank from four directions at right angles to one another, bending the metal around a vertical mandrel).

  • Progressive die metal stamping

(utilising several workstations the sheet metal sequentially moves to complete multiple operations of the stamping process).

  • Short run metal stamping


MacB has developed alliances with several Asian specialist manufacturers of stamped metal parts. This enables us to provide high quality parts at very competitive prices to the automotive, engineering and electronics industries.

Metal Stampings